What we offer

Forest asset management

Form international forest asset management is geared towards delivery of turn-key forest management projects by taking full management and technical responsibility. We provide design, preparation, establishment, management, improvement, transfer and divestment of forest assets. Depending on the client’s needs and specific case Form can take up one or several of these roles.


• Forest plantation establishment and management (greenfield, fibre production, carbon sequestration)
• Improve underperforming forest assets (plantations, natural forest operations, forest industries)
• Forest restoration and regeneration (conservation, carbon stock enhancement)
• Natural forest management (sustainable harvesting, conservation, avoided emissions)
• Agroforestry (mixed tree and agricultural systems, climate smart agriculture)
• Community and smallholder projects (shade trees, farmer-led regeneration, woodlots, certification)


• Feasibility studies
• Investment and business plan development
• Land acquisition
• Forest management planning (incl inventory, GIS / RS)
• Due Diligence (financial, technical, market)
• Environmental and Social Impact Studies (ESIA)
• High Conservation Value Forest (HCVF) Analysis
• Forest carbon project design / preparation (A/R, IFM, REDD, CSA)


• Tree nurseries
• Afforestation / reforestation
• Assisted natural regeneration
• Road and bridge construction
• Forest operational site development

Forest Management

• Management and management support systems
• Corporate governance & compliance
• Forestry operations management (planting, maintenance, fire management)
• Silviculture, growth and yield optimization
• Forest restoration, biodiversity management
• Natural forest management and low impact harvesting
• Research and Development
• Harvesting and logistics
• Forest industries, timber processing
• Market development and sales
• Forest carbon project management and sales
• Capacity building (training)
• Forest and Chain-of-Custody Certification (FSC)
• Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Assurance
• Social and community projects


• Forest financial modelling
• Financial management
• Investor relations and Fund raising
• Forest asset valuation (IFRS, IAS)

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Companies and organizations that have benefitted from our expertise include UnileverIDH and ETTF.