restoration of degraded forests

18 December 2017
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Landscape Restoration Tain II Forest Reserve in Ghana

In a 4-year project, in and around the Tain II Forest Reserve, Form works towards the restoration of the degraded landscape to its former production function, financed with private investments by DOB Ecology. The overall goal is integral management of a landscape (2,200 ha) with all stakeholders, in order to improve livelihoods, productivity and the protection of biodiversity.
25 June 2019
Programme Director Ghana

Vacancy – Landscape restoration Programme Manager Ghana

For a landscape programme in Ghana, Form International seeks an experienced Programme Director to lead the implentation of the programme in close collaboration with Form International and Form Ghana senior management.
7 August 2019
Alternative Commercial Investment African Forestry Ghana

Alternative Commercial Investment Models for African Forestry

Despite the immense potential of Africa’s vast, resource-rich forests, commercial investments in forestry have nearly ground to a halt across the continent over the course of the past decade. Since 2000, for instance, the commercial private sector has established only about 125,000 hectares of new plantations, whereas smallholders have planted a mere 250,000 hectares. To make....