Landscape Restoration

18 December 2017
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Landscape Restoration Tain II Forest Reserve in Ghana

In a 4-year project, in and around the Tain II Forest Reserve, Form works towards the restoration of the degraded landscape to its former production function, financed with private investments by DOB Ecology. The overall goal is integral management of a landscape (2,200 ha) with all stakeholders, in order to improve livelihoods, productivity and the protection of biodiversity.
17 January 2018
Global Landscapes Forum Bonn

Form’s Paul Hol at the GLF in Bonn – December 2017

Form International's Paul Hol, panellist at the Inclusive Finance Pavilion during Global Landscapes Forum in Bonn (December 2017).
19 June 2018
Creating forest landscape restoration movement Africa

Creating a forest landscape restoration movement in Africa

This thematic issue of FAO’s Nature & Faune Journal contains an article on the vision and achievements of Form Ghana, in the light of the AFR-100 initiative. Read more about our strategy and way forward in “Scaling up commercial reforestation as part of forest landscape restoration: some key factors to success”.
27 June 2018
Form International celebrates 25th anniversary

Form International celebrates 25th anniversary

On 6 June Form International celebrated its 25th anniversary by organizing a symposium 'New Forests in a Changing World' for more than 100 attendees sharing experiences and lessons learned with presentations of Hans Docter, Maas Goote and staff members from Form International, Ghana and Tanzania.