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16 February 2017
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7 March 2016
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Juaso, Ghana

Managed since 2010

100 hectares

Allanblackia parviflora reforestation.
Partnership of Unilever R&D and Form international


An allanblackia R&D demonstration farm was established in 2010 in a degraded Forest Reserve in partnership between Unilever and Form international to investigate the productive, agronomic and commercial feasibility of sustainable A.B. oil production. Allanblackia parviflora is a tree species native to many African countries. Seeds of these trees produce high quality oil for application in food and non-food products. To date, 65 hectares have been established, are actively managed and play an important role in ongoing R&D work. First oil production from this pilot site is expected in a few years time, as some of the trees have started bearing fruits. Next to forest restoration, these trees are also tested in mixed production with cocoa with a number of smallholder cocoa farmers.


Form international has been responsible for a.o. farm design, establishment and management, lead R&D work and collaborate with partners (ICRAF, FORIG, Novel Ghana, IUCN), tree nursery production and research, acquisition of a broad range of genetic material and plant types, and business modelling. Form international is member of the Allanblackia Partnership.


• Largest existing allanblackia plantation in Africa and worldwide
• Key source of input data for allanblackia business modelling
• Key site to generate knowledge on:
o Growth and yield
o Best plantation management practices
o Cost/benefit
o Environmental and ecological impacts
• Largest pool of plant material, genetic sources and diversity of allanblackia in one site
• Important showcase of allanblackia as a species of choice for forest landscape restoration and sustainable farm management.

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