New Drinking Water Supplies in Tanzania

Training Sustainable Commercial Reforestation Management
Successful training on sustainable commercial reforestation management
1 November 2016
Doing Business in Africa Award NABC Magazine Form International award
‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award for Form international!
19 December 2016
Building Drinking Water Supplies Tanzania

Form and SFI Tanzania invested in new drinking water supplies for two estates

Form Tanzania and SFI Tanzania purchased and introduced water purification plants on each of the two estates. Each plant purifies 5000L per hour (120 000L per day). From October 2016 all employees and families residing on the estates have access to clean drinking water. This is a major achievement as families had to rely on untreated water from nearby dams or rivers. This endeavour has resulted in an overall increase in wellness, the provision of a basic human right and an expected reduction in waterborne diseases i.e. cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea. It is estimated that up to 4000 individuals will benefit from the clean drinking water.