Form shares experience at ITTO’s Council meeting in Lima

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Landscape Restoration Tain II Forest Reserve in Ghana
18 December 2017
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17 January 2018
Form International ITTO Council Lima

Form shares Africa forestry and landscape restoration investment experience at ITTO's Council meeting in Lima (Peru)

Mr. Rik Sools addressed the 53rd Session of the International Tropical Timber Council (ITTC), Lima, Peru, during the Annual Market Discussion which focused on “sharing experiences on promoting investment in tropical timber industries and tropical forestry” and spoke of Form’s investment and project experience in Ghana and Tanzania.

The focus was on the development path, key success factors, hurdles and positive impacts of Form’s forestry plantation and landscape restoration investments in Ghana and Tanzania. Among the success factors that were highlighted were phased development, the use of a sound, sustainable model that addressed social and environmental issues, high biological growth, and a blend of public and private investment.

Mr. Sools looks back on the event: “It is great to see that ITTO has made investments in tropical timber and forestry a key focus. It is essential in these times that public and private sectors collaborate to attract climate change, landscape restoration and impact investments to the forestry sector as there is so much underutilized potential in the tropical forestry sectors yet to be tapped into. I was pleased to see such positive response to the investment model that Form has developed in Africa and look forward to work with old and new partners to take this positive journey further.

The presentations of the ITTC and Market Discussion can be found here. In this video Mr Sools reflects on investments in forestry plantations in the tropics (from 2:47).