Carbon goals: Gold Standard and the ‘Grow to Zero Conference’

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Carbon Goals Gold Standard Grow to Zero conference

Carbon goals: GoldStandard and the ‘Grow to Zero Conference’

Gold Standard was set up to ensure that projects delivered genuine emission reductions and long-term sustainable development. The Gold Standard has become the global benchmark for the highest integrity and greatest impact in climate and development initiatives.

A conference held in Zurich, Switzerland on 14th and 15th of April, “Gold Standard 2016: Grow to Zero” brought together players from all sectors of the sustainability value chain to increase their impact toward meeting the goals established in the Climate Agreement and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)—from quick wins to long-term vision.

A key question at the conference was how to make the vision of the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Accord a reality? Gold Standard’s answer to the question was to introduce Version 3.0, a standard that bridges the gap between climate and development, enabling various outcomes – co-benefits - to be certified through a single process and unlocking new sources of funding.

Interesting to note was that the organization has calculated that with Gold Standard certified projects, each ton of CO2 also delivers additional social and environmental benefits, like new jobs, improved livelihoods, women’s empowerment and improved health outcomes, with for example a calculated financial return of US$ 177 for afforestation/reforestation activities.

Still in its experimental phase, the draft standard for Gold Standard 3.0 completed its first public consultation on 15 April 2016, with an aim to start piloting in the beginning of 2017. The government of Luxembourg, BIX Capital, World Bank and Global Alliance for Clean Cook stoves were nevertheless the first to commit to Gold Standard V3.0 to maximize impact of climate and development finance. Gold Standard is now in the process of synthesizing the feedback to the consultation rounds and the conference and will make this publicly available on their website in the next few weeks. More info can be found on the Gold Standard website:

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