Form Ghana

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Sunyani, Berekum and Akumadan, Ghana

Managed since 2007

18,078 hectares

Forestry plantations (teak, indigenous), conservation.

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Form Ghana is a forest plantation management company that actively restores degraded Forest Reserves with forest plantations and natural forest restoration. The company was established in 2007 and has planted over 7,500 ha with teak and indigenous species, to be expanded with 12,500 ha in the next 10 years. Form Ghana commenced with teak roundwood production and sales in 2015. Currently, approximately 1,000 staff are employed. The company obtained a FSC™ certificate for its sustainable forest management in 2010 and has carbon credits validated and verified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) since 2013. Form Ghana is a leading forestry company in West Africa, demonstrated by its scale, sustainability certifications, a Public Private Partnership with the Ghana Forestry Commission and several Ghanaian business awards.


Form international has been responsible a.o. for the establishment of the company, full roll-out of land leases, tree nurseries, plantations, silvicultural systems, operational sites, infrastructure, FSC™ and VCS certification, ESIA’s, business and financial modelling, capacity building, etc. The company is further guided to move into harvesting, sales and processing, and expand their reforestation.


• 18,078 hectares land lease and benefit sharing agreements
• 7,500 hectares of forest plantations (teak, indigenous)
• Annual plantation establishment capacity of 2,000 ha
• Full-fledged forest plantation complexes
• Tree nurseries (irrigated and dryland) with production capacity of > 5 million trees per cycle.
• Over 1,000 staff employed, 320 permanent and 700 seasonal
• Public Private Partnership with Ghana Forestry Commission since 2013
• Forest Stewardship Council (FSC-FM/COC) certification since 2010 on 1st FMU (3,500 ha)
• Commercial harvesting and timber marketing commenced since 2015
• Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) validated and verified project since 2013

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