Company milestones

History and background

Form international, established in 1992, is seated in The Netherlands and has offices at operational sites in Ghana and Tanzania. The firm started as a consultancy firm advising the forestry and timber trade sectors worldwide on the practical implementation of Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) of natural forests, forest certification (FSC, PEFC, legal compliance), timber trade and reforestation.

Form was involved as the advisor to the first (FSC) certifications in tropical Africa, Indonesia, Eastern Europe and South America. The firm also played a significant role in developing and promoting the adoption of Reduced Impact Logging (RIL) in Africa. Experience in Africa, SE-Asia and Latin America with reforestation and forest plantations was gained through project design, establishment, management, and delivery of technical and financial advice.

Companies and organizations that have benefitted from our expertise include Unilever, IDH and ETTF.