19 June 2018
audit carbon credits

New release of 200,000 carbon credits from Form Ghana’s reforestation project

In May 2018, Form Ghana's carbon credit claim has been independently verified under the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), by a team of qualified assessors from the Italian Certifying Body RINA.
19 June 2018
form ghana teak plantation

Form Ghana: largest private teak plantation in Africa?

Form Ghana’s planting target for 2018 has been completed. Besides 1,304 ha of teak, 18.5 ha of research trials were planted, including Teak from different provenances and Gmelina, and 295 ha of indigenous species. This means that, together with the 8,500 ha planted in former years, Form Ghana has now established 8,869 ha of teak and in total over 10,000 hectares reforested. This makes Form Ghana to our knowledge the largest teak plantation in Africa.
19 June 2018
Restoration buffer zone kwaraguru tanzania

Restoration buffer zone with indigenous species, Kwaraguru estate Tanzania

The buffer zone around the reservoir dam in Kwaraguru was recently planted with indigenous species to create a link between a patch of forest near the tarmac road in which animals like Colobus monkeys live and the patches of forest towards the interior of the estate.
19 June 2018
Creating forest landscape restoration movement Africa

Creating a forest landscape restoration movement in Africa

This thematic issue of FAO’s Nature & Faune Journal contains an article on the vision and achievements of Form Ghana, in the light of the AFR-100 initiative. Read more about our strategy and way forward in “Scaling up commercial reforestation as part of forest landscape restoration: some key factors to success”.