3 November 2016
Building Drinking Water Supplies Tanzania

New Drinking Water Supplies in Tanzania

Form and SFI Tanzania purchased and introduced water purification plants on Kwamdulu and Kwaraguru estate. All employees and families residing on the estates now have access to clean drinking water.
19 December 2016
Doing Business in Africa Award NABC Magazine Form International award

‘Doing Business in Africa’ Award for Form international!

NABC's 'Doing Business in Africa Award 2016' has been awarded to Form international. Managing Director of NABC Irene Visser is proud that Form international is this years’ winner. "Deforestation is one of the main challenges faced by the people of Africa. Form international's reforestation drive is having a large and important impact on the continent and we fully support their efforts."
19 December 2016
Form Ghana CCTV Africa

Form Ghana on CCTV Africa

At the Paris climate talks (December 2015) 7 African leaders pledged to do more to protect the natural forest and replant degraded forest land, but the money to match this commitment is difficult to find. Trees need to be planted, grown and harvested before a return on investment is seen and that takes years. Katerina Vittozi, reporter for CCTV Africa News, made a report about this at Form Ghana Ltd. in Akumadan.
20 December 2016
Plantation Forestry Conference Tanzania

Plantation Forestry Conference Tanzania

Paul Hol spoke at the Tanzania Plantation Forestry Conference in November 2015 in Dar Es Salaam about the successful Public Private Partnership (PPP) in Ghana and the opportunities of a similar partnership for optimal landuse in Tanzania.